Step 2 – Making Progress

Step 2 – Making Progress

Step 2 – Making Progress:

The next task is to pinpoint exactly where you can uncover any specific information that will be helpful.

So you have done the obvious things – searched high and low, turned the finance box upside down and have not been able to locate the documents.

You may recollect whether your employer set it up (company scheme) or in fact you made plans yourself (personal arrangement).

Maybe you’ve spent hours tossing and turning, trying to remember the dates of your employment or who you originally took the advice from?

If you have the name of your old employer or the company you believe you invested in then that will definitely be of use. You may even have some old documents with out of date provider details and disconnected phone numbers.

If you are frustrated by being unable to locate anything of substance, don’t worry – we can use your name, date of birth & national insurance number as effective pension tracking devices.

Following your initial sifts, if you’re simply bored, frustrated or too busy and would rather someone else do the pension detection, we are happy to help, simply fill out the on-site form.

Step 3 – The Discovery Process