Do You Require Bridging Finance?

Have you found the perfect property to start development on, but are stuck in a large chain that could jeopardise your chances of securing the property?

Obtaining the Loan You Need

We know there are many reasons you may wish to obtain bridging finance and finding the right lender and product can be difficult, especially when there is an existing property involved.

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What with so many factors slowing the process of developing and selling property, a bridging loan may be the ideal solution to put you in a stronger buying position.

We can put you in touch with experts who can assess your circumstances and advise on how much you can borrow for your circumstances.

For bridging loans, we recommend Hunter Finance. HF is a specialist property lender and offers fast development loans and bridging finance to developers across the South East. Their streamlined lending process offers loans from their own funds. Visit

Bridging finance for property development

Quality Assured

Ches can offer access to a network of loan advisers who are fully qualified and have the experience to help find the right bridging finance you need to start your development project. Choosing the location.

Getting the Advice You Need

So for that expert bridging loan advice to allow you to get that new property whilst keeping a current mortgage property in the loop, we recommend getting in touch with an expert.

A professional loan advisor will offer you extensive knowledge of the various types of loans that are available to you. They can specialise in various sectors including commercial banks, mortgages and credit cards. Best credit cards.