One Loan Solution

Secure loans are a solution to better manage debt problems. Rather than paying off several separate bills each month, a consumer consolidates his or her debts with a financial institution that will arrange for one lower monthly payment extending over a period of time.

If you are thinking of dealing with a debt consolidation loan company, talk to The Debt Counsellors first. We offer free, confidential debt help and can talk you through all your options and get the best deal for you!

In April 2007 the total of the nation’s credit card debt stood at £54 billion. The average household in the UK is in debt by £8,816 excluding mortgages, and £54,771 including mortgages.

National Savings & Investments research suggests that 39% of Brits overspend on their debit cards on everyday purchases.

It is hardly a surprise, therefore, that a recent NS& I survey revealed that 43% of the British population are worried about their finances, with levels of debt among the biggest concerns.